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1952/55 Korean Cruise and After
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11/5/2010 4:24:43 PM
Hey Tom,

I shared that cold winter with you. I was Fircontrolman Stiker and we did the mount checks on the 40mm's every morning before breakfast. My GQ station was on the 40mm, fantail, port side. I was in the Director tub with a GM1 Pappy Miller. I was telephone talker/assistant Director Operator for that mount. I was qualified on the Mk 51 Director and qualified to assume any position on the gun mount, if necessary. My sleeping quarters was in the first compartment aft of the Anchor Windlass Room. Long run when GQ sounded; bow to stern, sometimes with huge snowflakes hitting you in the face. Remember those face masks. I remember icicles hanging from the hole in the mask for your nose. WOW and it was the colded winter in Korean history. Lucky us.

Never did like winter after that one. Now I live in Hawaii, about 15 miles from our old ship. Wife & I do volunteer work onboard. I'm one of the Supervisors for groups that come aboard to do volunteer work. Since the $18 million dollar face lift, most of the work is being done within the skin of the ship. Except for the constant work on replacing her wooden deck. You won't see any holes in the deck for the fasteners which held the deck to the steel below. The new deck is being put down by super-mastic. She'll be a real beauty again when that's completed!

I was on "holy-stone" crew on several occasions while assigned to that working party. Never did it in the really cold weather, though.

Take care, Brooks
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thomas clark
3/23/2004 8:35:06 AM
While I was in the 6th division from Aug 1950 to June 1951, I well remember holy stoning and standing watch on the 40 mm gun mounts in the sub zero Korean weather. Took me years to like winter again. Was transferred to FA division and watches and GQ were a lot warmer on second Korean Cruise.
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Vince C.
1/16/2004 9:57:36 PM
Looking to contact anyone from 1952/53 Korean Cruise 6th Deck Division & Supply Division 1954/55. Remember how cold it was on the 40 Gun Mounts? Or
holy stone the teak deck? Or monster work parties?