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12/15/2012 6:08:50 PM
hey tried looking for myself on the web site found me but no photo all the other people i type in has photos.why is that ? just asking
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12/15/2004 3:02:24 AM
I am responing for my dad who just joined.This is a great website. He is so full of memories that this to him is a wonderful place.He doesn't have a computer so I just tell him about it and have shown it to him a time or two. If he could he would love to add to the site so that is why I try to post and do things on his behalf.Keep up the good work the site is great.Even I like to vist the site on a weekly basis.Just to tell him what is going on.
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4/27/2004 7:50:14 PM
Thank you for having a forum to discuss this historic Naval Monument. It is forums like this that enable sailors like us to keep her memory fresh. Now if we just get her reactivated.......
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3/24/2004 10:22:34 AM
What a fantatic job you are doing. Where are all of my other shipmates from the Korean Era?
Come on guys lets get some action on this great WEB SITE>
Bill Stansbury 7th Div. 52/54:O
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2/27/2004 12:09:42 PM
Didn't know we had a website. I think it is fantastic. How it will bring new blood into our Association and Reunions.
Marty Thumudo
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Vince C.
1/16/2004 10:01:06 PM
Thanks for this website
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1/10/2004 3:49:18 PM
Hope everyone likes this new forum system better than the old one. ;)