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Anyone from K Division - 1952-53?
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10/17/2014 9:00:35 PM
My grandfather served during that time in the radar room according to my father. Looking at this site they have him listed in the medical department and they are missing the letter n of his last name. It is cool to think my grandfather may have crossed paths with your dad. I hope your dad enjoyed his reunion and met fellow shipmates. Sadly my grandfather passed away but it's cool to read about the history and visit the battleship. Best wishes to your family! - CPT Hehemann U.S. Army
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8/21/2013 3:25:21 AM
My father, James Rostron, was a radarman on the Missouri for its second tour of Korea during the fighting. We're hoping to come to the Reunion in September. It would be great if he could meet some of his shipmates :)