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Second Surrender Plaque
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7/28/2016 9:58:11 PM
I knew of the duplicates, because I saw the mold that was store in the Dental Department Lab. I still remembered putting it away. Once in awhile DT1 Ricky Reece would pour it for anyone who knew about it. It was made out of a soft dental resin and it was green in color.
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11/5/2012 11:29:08 AM
Long Beach Naval Shipyard Commander, Captain George Fink had a duplicate surrender plaque and signatory plaque made in the shipyard back in 1985. As the LBNSY Material Officer, I was the signatory for control of the original plaques. My boss, Capt. Henry Rice, and Capt. Fink were tired of pulling the plaques out of the safe for visiting dignitaries, so Fink decided to have the duplicates made and placed in his office.

A couple years ago I learned the USS Missouri curators had been looking for the plaques for eight years. I told them they were in a Capitol building museum wing in Jefferson City, MO. But that meant no one knew of the duplicates. What happened to them? And what happened to the casting molds made at the shipyard?