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65th Anniversary of end of WWII
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3/22/2011 9:23:38 PM
Thanks Senior Chief For Yours And Everyones Efforts in keeping our babygirl in shape I wished I could see her one more time Thanks Again HTFN BRUCE A. KENNEDY
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1/30/2011 10:24:47 AM
On 29 January 2011 the 13th Anniversary of the arrival of the Mighty Mo at her final resting place was celebrated. Entrance to the site was free and the size of the crowd attested to the importance of the ship's presence here.

I was asked to be present for the occasion and make myself available to the news media for interviews. One of the interviewers was Wealth TV. The network is seen across the U.S. by TV viewers of over 50 distribution partners, so don't be surprised if you see the interview.

While at the site, I discussed the newly arrived Bofors Quad 40mm autocannon with the Director of the Tour Guide Department. I have been asked to brief the Tour Guides about the gun and hopefully provide them with answers to the many questions visitors might ask them. I have also been asked to be a part of the restoration of the gun mount; it arrived in pretty sad condition and lots of parts missing. This weapon was actually part of the ship's armament from the latter part of WWII to the 1980's re-configuration. In 1980, the 20 Bofors Quad 40's and the 49 Single 20mm AA guns were replaced by modern weaponry.

With the ship's new "adopt a space" program, a group of volunteers have already adopted the gun. This group will be responsible for the restoration and maintenance of this historic weapon.

With the recent $18 million facelift, the ship is beautiful! I hope everyone will have the opportunity to visit us, soon.
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1/25/2011 4:37:15 PM
I also have the Desert Storm buckle, and Desert Storm ships VHS Tape.
Is there any plans on doing the September 2nd 2011 event on the ship?
On s different note:
I came across one of the son's of a survivor of the Indianapolis (CA-35) who described how 1197 men were onboard and only 317 survived. Many of the imporvements on our ship were a direct result of that tragedy. Something we should also never forget.
We should never forget the efforts of our Sailors and Marines who we have to be so thankful for their efforts. Some of which have passed onto higher seas, and those who are still sailing with us today. Thank you all, for it is your efforts and dedication to duty that resulted in keeping our ship in such great shape.
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9/28/2010 11:11:55 AM
Hey Andy,

You're on same page as the Missouri Memorial Association. We have two different sizes stamped and for sale at the pier retail store. Wish I could have seen her in action during Desert Storm/Shield days. I was in FA Division holding daily mount checks on the old 40mm AA Guns and was Phone Talker and Ass't Director Operater on the mount located on the fantail, port side. I was a FCSN back then. A bit before your time; I was onboard during the Mo's 1st combat deployment to Korea in 1950/51. Fair winds and following seas, shipmate! Brooks
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9/22/2010 9:15:26 PM
Senior Chief, Thank you for your OUTSTANDING service to our country, and taking such fine care of our ship. She does look great and we are very proud of what she stands for and means to us.
Please let me know what they intend to do with the old Teak Deck. I would recommend cutting it up into small 4-6" pieces, stamp it and sell it in the ships store as it is the actual deck from Desert Storm Desert Shield days. I have a piece in my Shadow box, as it means so much to me.
Thanks again for your service and fair winds and follwing seas.

Andy Vasquez
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9/6/2010 12:56:36 PM
Hi All,

Just completed a week of celebrations here in Pearl Harbor. I participated in Q&A session on the fantail 2 Sep; attended "Night of Heroes" dinner 3 Sep and spoke with Secretary of the VA Retired 4-star General. Believe it or not, we exchanged "challange coins"; spoke at a breakfast for members of USS Missouri Legacy Society & some other former crewmembers.

The ship sure looks smart after $18M cleanup/repairs. It's now the same color haze gray - stem to stern. Wife and I road her back to the pier from the drydock (got a little sea duty in).

As one of the Supervisors of Volunteers, I worked most of 2008 with a group of Wounded Warriors recently back from Afghanistan. A real privilege for me and lots of fun, too.

As you know, the Mo stands permanent guard over the USS Arizona Memorial, just 1,000 yards off our ship's bow. She's a proud vanguard and is now a national museum for visitors.

We are in the process of laying a new teak deck on our ship. We have a dedicated crew tearing up the old deck and laying the new. The old deck became a hazard area because of pot holes and warping. The new teak is something to see. Won't need a "holy-stone" cleaning for quite some time.

Rumor has it that we are due to get a Quad-Forty gun mount for display on our pierside, sometime in near future. I was pleased to hear about it, because my GQ station was the gunmount on the Fantail (port side).

I still have vivid memories of our combat deployment in 1950. And, I still get goosebumps every time I put my foot down on her deck.

That's all for now. I'll keep you posted as events occur. Brooks (SCPO Retired)