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7/3/2014 9:05:33 PM
I'm all for it, I am here right now. Rich Cliffe the Missouri caretakers are looking to get a hold of you anyway. They would like te drawings touched up!

My email is

Michael Klemmetson
CPO USCG (ret)
Posted by:
Colby Barnes
6/19/2006 10:20:00 PM
Reunion...its about damn time! Just let me know when and where. 1st round is on me!

Edited by: Colby Barnes 6/19/2006 10:20:29 PM
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Rich Cliffe
5/4/2006 4:40:01 PM
John made a slight mistake. the web site is he forgot the marines part. they have one i guess for each service.

Rich Cliffe
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John Gennace
4/29/2006 3:43:21 AM
1stSgt Hanse, SSgt Cliffe and others are kicking around the idea of a MARDET reunion. We need to start tracking people down. If you are interested, you can contact me and/or 1stSgt Marty Hanse and go to (Marine Vet Website) and post your profile.