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Looking for CAPT Andrew Fahy
Posted by:
mike house
3/6/2012 11:11:15 PM
I know the Captain personally. If you haven't gotten him you should look to the Chatham club. Let me know either way and I will send a copy.
Posted by:
Admiral Byrd (Richards)
1/27/2008 2:05:49 PM
I'm still looking for Captain Andrew Fahy's contact information. Sea time letter not as important anymore now that I have my 100 ton masters license. But never the less would still like to make contact.


Captain Jack Richards
U.S.C.G. #1160914
"May the Winds be at your Back and the Stars to Guide you by."
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Posted by:
Admiral Byrd (Richards)
12/23/2004 11:47:45 AM
I'm searching for contact information of Capt Fahy. I need to see if he can write me a Sea time letter. Any help, clue or suggestions would be great. Tnks.
Best Regards
Jack Richards